This year has been challenging in several ways: supply problems, the pandemic still in place and an ongoing trend of employees who voluntarily leave their jobs. This phenomenon is known as Great resignation and is impacting mainly the USA and some Countries in Europe causing record highs open jobs across industries and positions.

It is difficult to assess what are the reasons behind the Great resignation, but it is evident that some points are: the shift to remove work where every person could be in whatever place they want, workers reaching a breaking point causing to re-think about their work and personal objectives, people are confident to leave their jobs as the market is recovering from COVID effect and then they have possibilities in other companies and the government economic support that provides a good window to the families to be together and non-going outside looking for children-care.

The digital workforceis driving the Transformation needed to innovate and success in the actual environment, but you need to keep in mind that the systems and tools are created by people who can disrupt any project if they decide to go and look for other opportunities outside their actual job.The Great resignation is creating a circle with a high competition for talents in the middle of an inflation wave and cost reduction measures that do not allow to increase salaries out of the current benchmark as it could affect the price of the Companies services.

The remove work could help to reduce the impact, but you cannot forget that they are tax reasons behind some locations and then people should be in places that the company selects. Another shortfall of the remove work is that every company needs team spirit and belonging, and the virtual platform can not replace the sense to be face to face, share challenges and have informal meetings. The remote work can not ensure neither that our workforce will not change their preferences to the trendy industries as Biotech companies.

What can we do? There are some learnings we can take and implement going forward: assess the problemas not all the companies are impacted in the same way and not all of them need the same plan, maybe your company is in a good point and the situation instead of giving you challenges can give you opportunities. Identify what are the reasons behind the resignations, it is an ongoing process that gives a perspective of the action plans to be focused on. Implement retention campaigns as almost all companies are having cost measures so it is not possible to increase salaries for all the employees, but you can target the ones you have to preserve.

The most important measure that every company can take is to lead with a sense of purpose: why we are doing what we do. If we are in a digital company or department we have to share with our employees the importance of our innovations, the impact we have in the business and being proud to be part of a tech-family across the Globe no matter our industry.